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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ [08 Jul 2004|06:01pm]

This community has moved to ffhighschool Where it is starting again. If current members would still like to be a part of the rp, please join there! Thank you

Raine ~ Intro, Sunday Morning [08 May 2004|11:04pm]

(OOC:: I know it's Saurday night still, but I'm posting this as Sunday morning, because i have to work tomorrow and i dont know if i will have time to post..sorry ^^;;)

Raine hoisted her backpack over her shoulder and waited in front of the school.She felt slightly un comfortable, seeing that she didn't know anyone yet. Students ran back and forth, none really noticing her standing there. She flipped her hair back and sighed, wondering if she was going to be sharing a dorm, or inhabiting one of her own 'hopefully all my questions will be answered in my meeting with the headmaster.' she thought, waiting for the representive, or whoever to come and get her. "I wonder if anyone will even see me, seeing that it is Sunday," she thought aloud, still watching the students around her.

[08 May 2004|10:04pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

(OOC:: Hihi! joining!!! I'm assuming the character of a young Raine Leonheart-Loire (Laguna's love ^^ hopefully, this is allowed ^^ )

Name:: Raine Leonheart
Age:: 17

Lesson 1 :: English Literature
Lesson 2 :: Magic II
Lesson 3 :: Biology
Lesson 4 :: Monster studies
Lesson 5 :: Drama
Lesson 6 :: History
Lesson 7 :: Defensive Magic

Raine is a quiet. shy girl with long straight brown hair and green eyes,she is about 5"2 with a calm and cool personality. But when need be, she can also take charge.

(I hope this is allright...^_^)


[27 Apr 2004|05:15pm]

Are we just gonna say this place is done for, or what? I'd be willing to continue on, but it usually seemed like Azora, Kurai, and I were the only ones interested.
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Selphie and Rikku ATTN beach people [27 Mar 2004|05:48pm]

Rikku is running around madly on the beach. ‘What a silly dare’ She thinks to herself. ‘This will be so easy for me’ She grins as she picks up one end of a large piece of driftwood and drags it over to wear she is attempting to build a shack. So far, she has gathered various pieces of plastic, wood and seaweed. She’s also found a few class bottles and some random tins. Dropping herself into the cool sand, she begins by digging four semi deep holes in the sand. In here, she will place the four biggest bits of driftwood. ‘Well, at least it’s a start’ She thinks to herself. She glances across at everyone else. Lulu and Auron are whispering quietly to each other. Selphie has moved and is sitting next to Wakka. She looks dwarfed by his tall frame, Rikku realises with a giggle. Yuffie and Reno look like they were up to their usual – arguing. Rikku wonders how their relationship lasts so well seeing as they always seem to be fighting.

Rikku finds herself wishing that she had drunk a bit more now. She struggles with herself as she pulls the largest piece of wood, and upends it, so that it is now sticking out of the hole. She does the same with the other piece, after huffing for a for minutes. Maybe this is gonna be harder than she thought.

With the smaller pieces of driftwood, she turns them so that they are upright and begins to knot them together, using the beach grass. This will take some time. She sits down, concentrating on her hard work. It will be a masterpiece by the time she has finished!


Selphie digs her toes into the sand. Looking at Wakka she grins a little. She’s glad she hasn’t drank anything. The last… and only time she had some alcohol she….well, it’s too embarrassing to recount. She finds herself blushing at the mere thought, and is glad that it’s dark now, and the firelight is hiding her scarlet cheeks.

“In a way, I’m glad I’m not in a relationship” She says to Wakka. “I mean... look at those guys” She motions to Reno and Yuffie, who have obviously just had an argument. Yuffie is stood glaring at Reno, who is walking back towards the school, not looking at her. “It can’t be that much fun if you argue all the time, can it?” She asks him, her large innocent eyes shining as the moonlight catches them. Wakka doesn’t really know what to say about this. “But.. the good times… they make up for the rest, ya?” He replies, a slight smile playing on his lips. “I…err….” Wakka clicks on and lets out a guffaw. “You’ve never had a boyfriend have you” He laughs. Selphie cringes and jumps up. “I umm… I think I’ll go see if Rikku wants any help” With that, she runs off, leaving Wakka on his own by the fire. ‘Ohh that was so embarrassing’ She moans to herself. ‘Why did I have to say anything’

On approaching Rikku, she has recomposed herself, her smile back on her face. She has decided to ignore what just happened. “I came to give you a hand” She says. “Great. Here hold this” Rikku hands her some driftwood. “I was struggling on my own” And with her tongue poking out of her mouth, Rikku continues to tied the pieces together

Seclusion / Reno Attn Yuffie [16 Mar 2004|06:22am]

Shit, I botched that one big-time.

Reno had been hoping Yuffie would realize he was a damned good actor and know he wasn't serious about being pissed about the whole cigarette mess, but it didn't appear he'd let his true intentions show through. He'd never been good at that sort of thing, anyway.

Having sobered up considerably in the past ten or so minutes since being asked why his eyes did what they did, he had most of his bearings when Yuffie began heading for the water.

Reno, upping his pace, caught Yuffie by the arm and pushed himself in front of her, cutting off her path. He noticed she refused to look at him. "Look," he said calmly, "I haven't touched Mako in nearly two years, and those cigarettes would be as clean as the ones you can buy in every store in Wall Market if you had 'em checked out."

She didn't look persuaded. "And why would I ever not believe you?" she asked, sarcasm more than evident. Arms folded over her chest, she didn't look to happy, either.

He gave no immediate response, and she began heading toward the water again, either to swim away or to drown herself.

Reno hated what he said next, low enough to be a mutter but loud enough for her to hear him.

"Because your dad doesn't."

As expected, she immediately stopped moving, halfway into the water, and turned around. Reno was staring down at the sand, hoping he wouldn't have to see her reaction to that, but he was almost sure he felt her disbelief wriggle into his soul.


He turned around, feeling the hair on the back of his neck raise, and let go of himself. "Yeah, you heard me. Your dad's obviously got some major fucking problem with me, and he's got you under his thumb so far that you're starting to believe it, too. You sure as hell had no problem sitting on my lap after I threw you in the water, kissed you, rubbed you down for my smokes, but the minute you get one goddamn assumption as to what I'm "tripping on," everything turns around. He's got you convinced I'm a bad person, do --"

"And I'm starting to agree!" she shouted, cutting him off.

That was the end of it. Anyone else he would have hit for that, but instead he just turned back around and started walking back toward school, telling her over his shoulder, "Yeah, but the bad guy never falls in love. Have your oh-so-genius pops explain that one, wouldja?"

yufs attn reno : explain. [16 Mar 2004|03:29pm]

Yuffie giggled as Reno tried valiantly to rescue his cigarettes, which Yuffie had actually given to Sugarpaste, who buried it under the sand. She was kinda amused by the whole situation but that was just her way of hiding her fear.

What the hell was Reno tripping on?

Auron had dared Rikku to build a shack and Yuffie saw no purpose in this as they had perfectly made tents as Selphie illustrated and she'd prefer sleeping in the open... but it gave her some time to think.

"Give them back already!" Reno said, annoyed, but Yuffie replied by getting off Reno's lap and walking towards a more deserted stretch of beach.

"Explain." She said, spinning around.

"Explain what? Give me my cigs already." Reno asked, keeping his wise-arse act up, but realised he should stop. Yuffie seemed seriously pissed off.

"Eyes aren't supposed to glow like that. The only thing that glows that greenish tinge is materia, or mako. And don't tell me it's not, I spend my whole life with that stuff. Either you tell me what the hell it it you've been tripping on, or i'll get Staniv to go examine those cigs for me."

Reno remained silent and sat down on the sand.

"Look. I know you're being expelled on monday, and that is one thing, but if you've been pumping yourself with radioactive substances..." At this moment, Yuffie choked.

"Fuck you, Red." Yuffie said, barely audibly, as she ran off towards the sea.


sad/angry/ahhmyboyfriendisgoingawayandi'llneverseehimagain/myboyfriendsbeenshootingmakoinhimself/godwhyislifesofucked - mood.

yes. poor girl.


sigh okay just trippy coz i have class. feh. gonna get drink and go for last class of the day then home to cleaning up my room. lovexs

Rollin'... Rollin'... || Wakka attn Beachies [15 Mar 2004|06:36am]

Rikku had chose Dare and been supplied with a very silly one, and what Wakka thought was a waste of a dare, since Rikku was very well-able to do it. She was Al Bhed after all. Auron had dared Rikku to build a small shack out of things found on the beach. If she couldn't do it, she had to polish every single sword he owned. It was an odd dare, as dares usually didn't have consequences, but Auron had probably wanted to spice up the game somewhat. Either way, Wakka could tell that while Rikku was grinning as she ran around collecting items to build her shack (which as of now encompassed several large pieces of driftwood and some tall beach grass) inwardly she was wondering why he would dare her to do something like that.

Well... Al Bhed usually deal with machinery, ya? Hm... The group lounged around, watching Rikku collect items. Her dare would probably be a long time in completion, but they had the whole night after all. Wakka tossed a Blitzball back and forth between his hands, looking at the faces around the fire. Everyone was relaxed, far more than they had been at school. The best example was probably Lulu, half (if not completely, and most likely completely) smashed. He chewed on his bottom lip and watched Lulu hang onto Auron mumble at him. They both laughed quietly and Wakka wondered what they were talking about. Something poked at him from the back of his mind, but Wakka ignored it. He wasn't going to start being protective right now. Lulu would hate him forever for it.

He continued to watch them and think. Reno prodded him in the side, asking him if he had any smokes. "Nah, too expensive. Bad habit, ya?" Yuffie nodded and stuck out her tongue at Reno, who rolled his eyes and said that he'd heard similar opinions and that they mattered just as much. Wakka snorted and said, "But no, don't have any."

"Pity," said Reno. He resumed searching Yuffie, who slapped his hands away everytime, but anyone who listened enough could hear her laughing. Selphie was listening and giggled. She stood and walked around the circle, dropping down onto the ground next to Wakka, stretching out. "It looks like me, you, and Rikku are the odd ones out." She sighed, looking at the fire.

The Islander pondered this for a moment. He hadn't even been thinking of that, had he? He looked over at Auron and Lulu again and then back to Selphie. "Yeah, I suppose we are, aren't we? And we're not drunk either." He chuckled a little at the last bit. Selphie did as well and said, "Maybe that's a good thing."


Fuu, if it's not good, just bite meeeeeh. Or not. Really, please don't. XP I just wanted to post and get this baby rolling again.

Auron: Lulu's waaasted =P [08 Mar 2004|07:50pm]

I had no idea she would get this wasted... thought Auron as Lulu declared her sovereignty over fiddler crabs.

And now she wanted more to drink. "Don't you think you've had ... enough?" asked Auron after she fell on him again.
"...no, IcandowhatIwant ... does anyone have any?" Lulu persisted. At that everyone seemed to shrug and look at each other. It seemed they were out.
"Fine" Lulu said as she spun the bottle. It pointed right back at her, or Auron rather, whose lap she was in again. "Truthordarebebe?"

"Dare." Auron picked.
"I dare you ... *hiccup* ..." Lulu couldn't decide as her vision seemed to wander around.
"Dare him to say he loves you!" Selphie blurted out, then quickly covering her own mouth.
Auron gave a slight reaction of surprise but quickly regained composure. Lulu pondered this for a moment, but wasn't drunk enough to go through with it after all.
"He'll say thaaaaat when he's ready." she slurred. "I dare Auron, to put me on the sand and *hiccup* kiss me right now!" Lulu clumsily took off her sarong, the same sarong she earlier couldn't live without, as she said this and started easing down to the sand.
"Lu, everyone's watching!" Auron whispered as everyone stared in surprise at her suggestion.
"Itsadaremister, now get to it." Lulu demanded.
Auron quickly looked around at the others as his forehead started to sweat. The others didn't seem to mind her suggestion really, just quite interested. Lulu grabbed him and pulled him down, and they kissed. At the touch of her lips he forgot the others, except for a couple hoots and comments to be heard. This was no small peck, and the others were soon rolling their eyes at the excess.
"Get a room, ya?" Wakka said. Auron eased up and reached over to spin the bottle.
Rikku's turn.
"Truth or dare Rikku?" Auron asked.
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I am Queen of the Fiddler Crabs || Lulu attn Beachies [07 Mar 2004|08:34pm]

The mage hadn't been phased whatsoever by Reno's actions - kissing Yuffie and all. It seemed pretty normal to her at this moment, having drank quite a bit of the fruity flavored liqueur that she had definitely developed a taste for. Lulu just looked at the bottle, wavering slightly as she tried to think of which choice she wanted. Tried to coherently think, to be specific. If she chose truth, who knew what Reno would ask. He'd probably ask... Her thought process abruptly cut off right there and she said, "...Truth?"

The redhead continued to search for his cigarettes, as Yuffie hadn't answered him yet. "How about.... where are they... If you were alone on a desert island, with nothing but palm trees, and... sand... and..." He stopped searching momentarily and grinned, finishing the question, "fiddler crabs, what would you do?"

Everyone raised their eyebrows and looked at Lulu, who in turn looked back at them, a confused expression on her face. Lulu clambered over Auron and stood up, waving her hands about wildy. "I know!" She nearly toppled over, but righted herself before continuing. "I'd be... Queen of the Fiddler Crabs!" Wakka snorted and covered his face. Lulu was far more drunk than he'd expected. "And...I'd order them to build me a sand castle! Andandandand then I'd tell them to assemble the army and go and... um..." A long silence followed as she tried to figure out what she would have her loyal fiddler crab army do.

"Get some cigarettes?" Reno continued to pat down his coat, and Yuffie's bikini as well, to what reaction the rest of the campfire patrons weren't sure. Lulu nodded and said, "And pucker! I want more pucker. Where is it?" She wobbled and tripped over herself, falling backwards onto Auron. "Fuuu... Sorry. Do you have any pucker?" Wakka's eyes widened a slightly at the mention of wanting more pucker. Selphie began to say something, but he covered the brunette's mouth before she could say anything.

They were out of Pucker. He wasn't sure he wanted Lulu to know this.

Dare. / Reno Attn Beachies [07 Mar 2004|04:36pm]

OOC: Alright. I've been sick for the past few days, but I'm finally feeling decent, so... Sorry for not posting sooner. And who agrees we should just do the beach thing until we're all out of ideas?


Despite being of their age and status, everyone at the beach seemed to get really into Truth or Dare. Of course, Reno was being a wise-ass about it.

Everytime the bottle obviously landed on him, he would either kick out and knock it to pointing at someone else or say that it was for Yuffie, not him. As alcohol-loaded as he was, despite being only mildly tipsy, they kind of let it slide and went about the game.

So far, he hadn't picked up on much of what had been said, far too preoccupied with seeing where he could put his hands without getting slapped -- something Yuffie had given up long ago and started leaning on him as the night dragged on.

Reno had stolen Yuffie's turn to spin onc and gotten Wakka to attempt a particularly tricky blitzball shot that ended with everyone crowded around the Besadian asking if he needed medical assistance. He'd told them he'd probably be fine in an hour or so and to just carry him back over to the fire.

It was when Yuffie spun and it landed on "them" that the group finally got Reno to take some responsibility with this. "Fine, fine," he sighed, grabbing for his incorrectly-labeled "fruit punch" bottle a few times without looking. Yuffie reached over to the other side of him, picked it up, and handed it to him.

He swore he was always that forgetful.

After taking a drink, he seemed to be ready. "Alright. Truth." He hated anything that required work anyway, especially with the fact his ankle had been getting back at him for removing the boot lately.

Yuffie was sitting with her back against the knee he had propped up, and everyone could plainly see him, probably what lead to the comment. Rikku, seeming to notice finally, blurted out, "What's with your eyes? They, like, glow."

He didn't want to play anymore.

"Yuffie's supposed to ask," he said simply, as if that would fix it all. She smirked at him and shook her head, telling him that had been her question, too.

Peh. Figures, the one thing I don't tell her comes back to bite me in the ass in a game of Truth or Dare, of all places.

Reno paused. He didn't exactly feel like telling them he'd had a habit of putting hazardous chemicals into his body and this was the result. Of course, no one had told him that his eyes were going to blaze like flashlights all the time when he'd started playing with Mako.

"...Different question," he said as if it were just that easy. Well, it can't be too hard; it's Truth or Dare, and we're all civilized enough. Apparently it was, because everyone seemed to agree that they just had to know the story behind it.

The redhead decided to take action, looking at Yuffie, as if to say "You're gonna hate me for this, babe." Sure, he thought, he'd probably catch hell for it later, but he kissed her anyway, something he'd been considering since their first spar in Wutai.

He was rather fed up with the fact he was being expelled, he father was going to freak out, and they still hadn't clarified exactly where they stood, relationship-wise.

Really, this was how he thought of things:

I do something, someone hates it, I go nonchalant for awhile, and if they hate me, it's their choice.

Everyone just kind of stared at him for a moment, Yuffie particularly -- he thought that in a way that would lead someone to believe he considered it an odd thing -- and he decided to explain himself.

"Saved you the time of my switching to dare and you just telling me to shove my tongue down her throat," he said, holding up one finger, in a matter-of-fact tone. He nodded at her and replaced his arm around her shoulders, two fingers held out. "And two, I've answered the other question you would ask, and the one you asked her earlier."

He kicked the neck of the bottle and it spun around, skittering over and landing, luckily, on Lulu. Reno was obviously trying not to look so amused at the fact he knew Yuffie was looking at him, though he wasn't quite sure if she was thinking of bashing him or talking to him.

Leaning back, he asked Lulu if it would be truth or dare, and patted himself down. His eyes shifted to Yuffie. "Did you somehow manage to liberate my cigarettes?" He paused. "...Out of my back pocket?"

He had a feeling they'd be talking later, no matter how drunk he got by the end of the night.
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-sigh- yay yay yay beachies [05 Feb 2004|04:33pm]

Reno looked briefly at Yuffie who plopped next to him. She had her sarong, tied under her arms, like what girls do with towels after a bath. "its supposed to go around your waist." Reno stated.

"Too bad." Yuffie replied,sticking out her tongue at him.

"yuffiesarongnotwornthere." Lulu ranted, looking up from Auron's lap.

"She had too much to drink." Wakka told her.

"Well...what should we do?" Rikku asked.

"I know! Since we don't really know each other, let's play... TRUTH OR DARE!" Selphie said.

Since everyone had nothing to do, they agreed. Selphie cleared the area in front of her and spun a bottle. "Whoever it lands on has to pick a truth or a dare!" Selphie said in delight.

spinnity spinnity spin...


"Yuffie! Truth or dare!" Rikku asked.

"Wha... why me??? It's pointing at Reno!"

"Nope. It's at you definately." Auron said.

"Come on ya, it'd be fun." Wakka encouranged.

"Okay. FINE. Truth." Yuffie stated, looking over at the sea where sugarpaste was still splashing.

"So. Yuffie. Do you like Reno." Rikku asked.

"GAH!" Yuffie spluttered.

"Yeah Yuffie, do you like Reno?" The redhead next to her said with a wry grin.

"NO.. I mean... I choose dare!"

"Hey you can't do that!" Selphie stated.

"Nah it's fine... Yuffie, I dare you then, to take off that sarong and go sit on the lap of the person you like." Reno said, grinning.

"What the.... What kind of..." Yuffie stated, she could see no way out of this one.

"Go on Yuffie, I double dare you." Selphie added.

"Okay okay! I'll do it!"

Damn that Reno...I am going to smack his head in. "If you guys say anything, I am going to turn you into statues." Yuffie threatened as she undid the sarong. Annoyed she stood up and dropped down on Reno's lap grumpily.

"SO you do like Reno." Rikku said with a smile.

"Yuffielovesrenoandrenolovesyuffieandilovepucker" Lulu started again in a singsong voice.

"Bah enough already, next person! And Red you better not be enjoying this!" Yuffie stated.

"I wouldn't dare..." he lied.


ooc. k i know what a game to play. sorry read too many fanfics lately. :D

Ilikethegreenkiiiiiind || Lulu attn "Beachies" [03 Mar 2004|06:43am]

The girls walked in a small group back to the fire. Lulu stumbled rather than walked, and every so often grabbed the nearest arm so she wouldn't fall face first into the sand. The mage managed to ferret out of Yuffie that she was wearing a bikini, as Reno had already ascertained for the group, and that it was mostly blue.

"You see... I'm not sure if the shade of yellow will go with it, but for now you can borrow one of the sarongs I bought. I would give you a white one, but... Wakka lost it. Wakkayoubastardhowcouldyoulosemywhitesarong,ya?" Yuffie raised an eyebrow at the mage and looked at Rikku behind Lulu's head, who just shook her head and said, "Wait." They helped Lulu sit down, back against a big piece of driftwood. Rikku and Selphie silently pointed out the various bottles of pucker on the ground. One of them whispered to the ninja, "Obviously she didn't drink it all by herself, but a good deal of it she did."

"That's the only thing I can suggest really. That way your clothes can dry and you won't catch pneumoniabecausepneumoniaissomethingnoonewantstocatchbecauseit's baaa-aaad." Lulu sighed and leaned against the driftwood, staring at the crackling fire. "It's in my tent. Um. Yeah." Selphie volunteered to show Yuffie which tent. Once they were out of earshot, the guys walked up to the fire and settled down in various spots.

Reno asked, "So, what's she going to do?" Lulu waved a hand floppily in the air. Hey, I can do a pretty good impression of a flapping wing. She continued doing that for a few minutes until Reno said, "Lulu?"

"Huh? What? Ohyoumeanwhat'sYuffiegonnado, ya?" Wakka raised an eyebrow at Lulu's manner of speaking, but didn't say anything because she continued talking. "Gonna wear sarong. Mmhm."

Lulu flicked her eyes around the fire and suggested, sitting straight up, "We should play hide and go seek! I haven't played that in forever!" Wakka patted her shoulder and said, "Lulu, we're on a beach. There's nowhere to hide. And... I know you're drunk, but why are you talking like your mother did, ya? And me? You got rid of the accent."

The mage ignored the second question. "Augh. We're always in the wrong place when I want to play." She wobbled from sitting up so fast, belatedly, but nontheless the movement had made her a little dizzy. "Uh..." Lulu tried getting up , which was entirely the wrong thing to do. She was on her feet but only for a few steps before falling. She landed nearly on top of Auron, whom she immediatly snuggled into and said, "oooOOooh. Soft. Auron, do you have any pucker? Ilikethegreenkiiiiiiind."

Wakka tried to hide a grin behind his hand. This was turning out to be quite the beach party. As for the accent, it just sounded odd on her. Probably because I haven't heard her with it for such a long time. Lulu had trained herself not to have the accent. He never knew why, but that's what she had done.

Yuffie came back, clad in a yellow sarong. "I... I... guess this is okay." She walked around the fire and plopped down into the sand next to Reno. "I'm not going swimming for now though so don't you even get any more ideas."

yuffie attn beachies [03 Mar 2004|03:22pm]

"Well," he dragged out. "I can tell you went shopping now." He pointed, and she seemed to understand even without looking that the water had just put out the candle on her even possibly hiding her suit. "Not showing it off, then?"

Yuffie glared at her 'boyfriend', soaked to the bone, she was pretty well... miffed.
"NO WAY I am showing it to you. And... what's with your eyes? They're freaky. Pretty but freaky."

Reno could obviously tell she was trying to change the topic. "Heh... stop evading, come on... we already established that you went shopping."

"The other's are heading this way, no way i'm showing anybody anything!" Yuffie exclaimed.

Reno turned around, true enough Lulu, Wakka, Selphie, Rikku and Auron were heading their way. Yuffie saw that Lulu was wearing a black bikini, and well, unlike her's it was pretty damn well filled out.

"Reno. She's soaked!" Rikku said

"Yah, you could have kept her clothes dry ya?" Wakka replied, as he looked at Lulu and chuckled.

"Gawd. You guys are impossible." Yuffie said, wading out of the water, Sugarpaste had seen the commotion and was now splashing around the coast getting the others a bit wet too.

Just then a breeze blew by, "Gah. Cold." Yuffie said and shivered.

"It's just because you're so wet." Auron stated.

"Yuffie, shed the clothes and sit by the fire, you'll get warm in no time!" Selphie said, as she did a little jig.

"Err... I rather not." Yuffie stammered.

"You are wearing a bathing suit right?" Rikku asked.

"Bikini." Reno added in, enjoying every moment of his girlfriend's embarassment.

"Hmmm..." Lulu said as the three girls shared the 'i have an idea' look. "Yuffie, come here a second won't you?"

oh shit.


gahaghahaha. longer beach partay! :D i vote yes

A Swim / Reno Attn Amarant, Lulu, Wakka, Yuffie [01 Mar 2004|10:36pm]

OOC: Hey, y'all. I'm proposing we drag this out for another week, as it looks like we can definitely do more than what we have now. Heather, if this is cool, just let me know, and do the same if it's not. But, for now, plan on extending the weekend for another week. So the beach for a good few days more, and then a bit of Sunday, yes? Doesn't seem like the students are going to be up for, y'know, moving with their respective hangovers. xD


Reno had taken the invitation of burgers cooked over a decent fire for once as an "Eat as many as you can before getting bitched at to stop." About halfway into his sixth burger, this came about.

"Done yet?"

The rumbling voice basically turned him around automatically. Amarant was standing maybe a foot behind him, menacing as always, but looking a bit less wound up now that he'd been huddled in the bushes groaning for about an hour.

The image of the tall student bouncing a blitzball on his head and counting how many times he did so before it fell would not leave Reno anytime soon. But he had come down from the "Shock" stuff Lulu had mentioned and cooled off for a bit. Now he looked as well as he had been.

Reno stuffed a bit more burger into his mouth and spoke around it. Although his words were muffled, the point came across. "Vhath ith tho yoo?"

The second red-haired young man swiped the rest of the burger right out of Spiegel's hand and popped it in his own mouth. "What's it to me? You've had six and I've had none. Hardly fair."

It was a good thing no one was really watching them, because when Amarant shoved Reno in the shoulder, the latter fired back with a kick to the back of his leg immediately.

Whatever happened next, it was just a minor scuffle, but obviously enough for Reno to draw his mag-rod and Amarant slip on one of his fighting gloves, claws still with the training area attendant.

But what did happen, before Wakka -- from somewhere unseen -- jumped in the middle and threw them apart, was enough to put a gash across Amarant's face. He looked down at the splotch of blood in the sand, Wakka standing there looking very threatening, Reno laying on the ground, and snorted. "The hell you two doin', ya?"

The tall student glanced up, rather irritated. "Don't worry about it. I have work to do anyway." With a roll of his shoulder, he seemed to ignore the wound on his face as he turned and walked away, toward the town. He had every intention to catch the next shuttle back to school.

Wakka looked half-furious as soon as the biggest of them was out of earshot. "What're you thinkin', Reno? He's as big as a house and as tough as Sin, ya?"

Reno stood up, shrugging. He'd done his fair share of research on the subject, so he understood it. Faintly he heard the crackle of wood as the scheduled bonfire began. "He pushed me, he's stalking Lu, he's a goddamned junkie, and, frankly, that constitutes the beating of his life in my book."

The veteran blitzer scoffed at him, shook his head as if to say "You're a damned fool, Spiegel," and walked the other way. He was heard muttering, "You and Lu both," before he disappeared around a corner.

After his third drink of the night, pulled from his large pocket, Reno followed him to the fire, perfectly-timed in the rapidly-deminishing daylight. He couldn't help but notice Lulu switching between zoned-out and barely-staying-awake.

She'd had a few drinks, obviously, and she didn't have them too often.

Reno walked over and hunched down next to her. She waved at him as soberly as she could, and he smirked. "Whatcha' been drinkin', Lu?"

She thrust a finger toward the huddle of coolers about fifteen feet away. "Whatever flavor of pucker that comes out next," she said with a strange glee in her tone. She was obviously a lot more fun when loosened up a bit.

The redhead patted her on the shoulder, rounded the fire, and took a seat against the coolers, absently wondering where Yuffie was at this point. His mind wandered a bit more...to his dream analysis.

Edwards had, on the sheet that detailed Reno's adventure to retrieve Mako for batteries and the following drug problem, written a lengthy paragraph that said, basically, "I can tell you've been through this, and would like to discuss it sometime if that's alright."

Reno decided he'd cooperate with his favorite teacher and go in on Tuesday to talk to him.

After about an hour and a good amount of drinks, Reno was a bit tipsy, but still heard the unmatchable sound of Sugarpaste galloping toward the beach. Selphie went to talk to Yuffie first, but the redhead was up in an instant, walking over deliberately slow.

He approached her and smirked. "Ready for a swim?" he asked, pausing before the last word.

Yuffie got that horrified look. "C'mon, Red, I just got here!" she whined. Whining was fitting, as he'd just hoisted her over his shoulder in a position she couldn't escape from. "Oh, come on, Reno! This is SO not cool!"

I disagree. He smirked wider, making a wide path around the fire so no one would notice and follow them expecting a good time. He had her by the back, and could feel the bikini under her tanktop.

It was a good thing the nights weren't exactly cold around here, or his girlfriend would have had many more names to call him when he tossed her in and waded out toward her. He floated around her in a circle as soon as she resurfaced, wondering what would happen if he was too intoxicated to stay afloat much longer.

"Well," he dragged out. "I can tell you went shopping now." He pointed, and she seemed to understand even without looking that the water had just put out the candle on her even possibly hiding her suit. "Not showing it off, then?"

He glanced down and then back up at her. Because it was dark, the side-effects of the Mako were easily seen in his glowing green eyes against the water.

Heh. I wonder if that makes me look good or bad.
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beach pah-tay : yuffie attn beachiefreakies [02 Mar 2004|01:18pm]

Sugarpaste raced towards the beach, damn happy that she could finally get a nice run around, she wanted to run there as fast as she could. Sugarpaste had an awful fondness for beaches and shores, Wutai was afterall, home to the best beaches on the planet.Yuffie however, wasn't so thrilled.

It was kinda late already, and why was the poor ninja so behind time? It took her a while to realise that everyone was probably going to be in their swimming costumes, which meant. BIKINI GALORE.

Not good at all.

Yuffie had always been a tomboy, and true to her personality, lo and behold, she was happily given a boyish figure to add. No boobs, no bum, just bony limbs (though they were pretty damn toned and extremely long). She, had undoubtedly spent the whole afternoon deciding what to wear.

She did go to the swimsuit store to get herself a bikini, she wasn't about to let anyone steal her Reno (but you'd never hear her admit it). It was a pretty damn cool bikini too, a dark naby blue string bikini. There was a white moon emblazened on the right side of the top, and a couple of cherry blossom branches on top of it. The bottom was blue and tiestring that were secured by brown bamboo rings. [damm it. that bikini's at aztec rose and i almost bought it but then decided i didn't dare wear it so didn't get it. and my boyfriend kinda went NO BIKINI]

Well, what to wear settled, new problem arose. She didn't dare wear it, so now over her new bikini, she wore a black tank and denim hotshorts. And they'd have to kill her before she peeled them off.

As Sugarpaste reached the beach, she could see a small fire and a couple of tents as well as hear the laugter of some of her friends.

Selphie, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka and of course... Reno.

Racing towards them her heart relaxed a bit as Selphie ran up to her and said, "Glad you could come, want a burger?"

She got off Sugarpaste, who immediately bounded off to swim in the sea as she thanked Selphie and turned to see her boyfriend with a mischievous twinkle.

"Ready for a ... swim?" He asked.

Oh shit.

I think it's your influence || Wakka attn Lulu, Selphie - and slightly Reno and Auron [01 Mar 2004|01:51am]

Wakka heard Selphie's call that the burgers were ready. He caught the blitzball as Reno hit it back and said, "I'm gonna get some food. Let's play later, ya?" He walked over and carefully laid the blitzball under the food table. Eyeing the burgers, he complimented Selphie. "They look pretty tasty." He picked one up that had cheese on it and slips it onto a bun. Then he smothered it in pickles, ketchup, mustard, and onions. Lulu walked up behind him and made a disgusted snorting sound. He snorted right back at her and said, "You just don't know what's good, ya. This is the best burger around. You're just jealous you can't make one as good as this."

"Ah, sure. Where's my sarong?" Wakka grinned and turned around. Lulu stood there, hands on her hips, and true to the point, sarong-less. "Somewhere. I don't know. It's your own fault that I don't have it ya know. You and your little seawater fits." Lulu glared and stuck her tongue out at him. "Besides, Lu, what gives? It's just a sarong. How else you going to get a tan?"

He turned back to the food. Selphie had just placed the corn cobs on a plate, and beside it she had placed a container of butter. Wakka slathered his corn cob in butter, all the while Lulu made childish noises behind him, like gagging and choking. A few of the others were looking at her funnily, as if they couldn't believe Lulu acted that way.

Wakka knew that Lulu couldn't be a serious person all the time though. He looked at her own food and did the same thing, then the both of them made faces at each other.

"Lu, you're so childish, you know?"

Lulu reached down into a cooler, wanting something to drink, and raised an eyebrow at what she pulled out - a bottle of water melon pucker. She shrugged and looked pointedly at Wakka, grinning. "I think it might be your influence, Wakka." The mage busied herself searching for something else to drink as well, asking Auron what sounded good. Wakka shook his head and sat down in the sand, cross-legged, plate balanced on one of his knees. I just can't win with her.

OOC- [29 Feb 2004|09:17am]


I have been way too inactive, due to time limits by asshole father. I've also been busy with school and friends. The pace of this community is too quick for me to be able to keep up with, so this morning, I decided I'm going to leave. It's hard enough to be able to check up on my friend's journals, let alone roleplay in one. I'm sorry, guys.

<3 Sean

Selphie ATTN Auron, Lulu, Wakka, Reno, Rikku [29 Feb 2004|05:46am]

“Food time!” Selphie shouts suddenly. Lulu is still in the water from where Reno and Wakka threw her in. And she giggles when a massive wave comes and sweeps the pair of them off their feet. “Serves you right!” Selphie calls out. She sets about making a fire, but has no fire magic to start it off. She calls Lulu over, and asks her for a hand. Lulu casts Fire, as the high level spells would be too much. Rikku glances over at her, then runs off into the water, her yellow bikini showing off all her curves.

‘What shall I cook first?’ Selphie thinks to herself, staring at the fire. She decides to cook some burgers first. She casts float on a griddle type thing, and places the burgers on top. As they are cooking she gets some corn on the cobs, and wraps them in silver foil. She places these in the flames at the edge of the fire. Wakka and Reno have regained their footing, and have proceeded in throwing the blitzball around some more. Lulu and Auron are talking privately together and Rikku is swimming. Selphie decides to sing to herself.

Humming a little tune, she flips over the burgers, and adds some sausages to the griddle also. She takes some buns and cuts them open, leaving slices of cheese next to them on the small wooden fold up table her and Rikku managed to bring with them. She feels a little left out, so she heads over to the music player and puts on a CD, turning it up loud. “Let’s dance” She grins to everyone.

She dances a little, swinging her hips slightly and waving her arms around weirdly, but at a glance at the food, she can see the burgers smouldering slightly ‘Damnit’ She thinks to herself, hurrying over to them. However, they aren’t burnt too much. “Burgers are ready” She states, as she takes them off and places them on a plate next to the rolls. She then slaps on some chicken wings on the griddle, and turns the sausages. She pokes at the corn on the cobs with a stick, turning them the best she can. She decides to do the same with the potatoes. Soon they are wrapped and sizzling healthily in the flames. Rikku come over to her, dripping with water, and asks if she needs a hand. “Sure, you can make the salad if you want” She smiles greatfully at her friend. ‘The party seems to be a hit’ She thinks

Mm. Seawater. || Lulu attn Auron, Reno, Selphie, Rikku & Wakka [26 Feb 2004|10:00pm]

Lulu poked around the beach for a few moments before she found a large piece of driftwood to sit on. The mage dragged it from where it had been tucked into a small sand dune out into the open where she could watch Wakka, Auron, and Reno play Blitzball. With any other people she probably would have had to play referee, but if Wakka was playing, there was no need. He always wanted to win - what blitz player didn't? - but he was always fair about it, and she liked that. If he argued about whether a point counted, one could always go with his argument because he was so honest.

The ball was kicked back and forth for a while. Wakka wasn't trying anything fancy. Auron seemed to know the game, and Reno was picking it up well. She could still tell that Reno was just beginning though. She'd watched enough Blitz practices to know that. Even if the Aurochs aren't much good, they still act like they know what's going on. Reno slips up momentarily here and there. It's a good thing this isn't an official match with teams. Lulu wrapped her sarong around her a little more tightly. She was wearing the white sarong she bought, not the yellow one. Smiling to herself, Lulu thought about what had happened in the shop. It had been rather embarassing buying the items from the attendant afterwards, but it was very funny too. I wonder if we'll go to the shop again so we can see if the attendant notices if he's standing on the seat. Hehe...

The boys were starting their second practice when Rikku and Selphie arrived, food in hand. Lulu walked over to help them unpack and store the food away. She was poking around in the vehicle when she discovered tents. "Tents? Is that what these are?"

Rikku nodded and grinned. "Hey, it's a party, isn't it? I mean, after all this partying, we'll probably be tired, right?" Selphie nodded in unison and added, "It's not safe to drive when you're tired." Lulu couldn't help but grin as well. She knew that by the end of the day she wouldn't want to go back to the school either, and she hadn't thought of bringing Tents. "Nice idea." The Al Bhed said thanks and complimented her on the bathing suit. "But why are you wearing that white thing?"

"Erm... Because..." Lulu fumbled for words. She knew that if she said she was wearing it because she wasn't feeling too comfortable yet that Rikku would do something drastic. But if she waited any longer, she'd catch on too... "It's a little... um, windy out here?" Rikku raised an eye and Lulu sighed. She didn't know what to say.

"Oh, c'mon, Rikku. Why do you think people wear sarongs? It's because they look cool!" Selphie cheerfully started whistling one of her favorite songs, "Train, Train, Take Me Away" and unpacked some more items, ending the current conversation. Lulu pulled out a tent and decided that she would take a stab at setting it up.

She finished a half an hour later. Insta-Tents were the next best thing to having a house that magically appeared. The poles all snapped easily together, and there was a cute little zipper door. Another thing she loved about this brand of tents was that they all came with an air-mattress. The pump had to be bought separately, which Rikku and Selphie had also had stashed away. I wonder how much other random things that these girls have tucked away. Lulu stood back, examining her tent when Wakka sidled up to her, whistling.

"So, Lu, you put up the tent, ya?" She nodded. Wakka whistled a few more notes and said, "Hey, I gotta show ya something." Lulu started to ask him what, but Wakka put a finger to his lips and grabbed her hand, pulling her along, all the way down to the shore, where he waded in a few feet before there was a decent drop-off for swimming. "Why are we out here---WAKKA!" Before she had realized what was happening, Wakka had pulled her sarong off, tossed it towards the shore and lifted her up and threw her out into the water with a grin.

Lulu surfaced a few moments later, sputtering sea water. When she finally cleared her eyes, Wakka was on land with her sarong, waving it and laughing. Everyone else was laughing too. Wakka and Reno shared a conspiratorial glance. "That's not fair!" she shouted, mock-glaring. Wakka did this all the time to her at home. But now he was working with Reno... Hm...

They stopped laughing when a small tidal wave hurtled into them, narrowly missing Auron who had been laughing too - but now looked just as if he was glad he hadn't been standing too near them - and knocked the two off of their feet. Ha. Eat... uh... seawater! Fuu, I think the salt's gone to my brain.

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