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Mm. Seawater. || Lulu attn Auron, Reno, Selphie, Rikku & Wakka

Lulu poked around the beach for a few moments before she found a large piece of driftwood to sit on. The mage dragged it from where it had been tucked into a small sand dune out into the open where she could watch Wakka, Auron, and Reno play Blitzball. With any other people she probably would have had to play referee, but if Wakka was playing, there was no need. He always wanted to win - what blitz player didn't? - but he was always fair about it, and she liked that. If he argued about whether a point counted, one could always go with his argument because he was so honest.

The ball was kicked back and forth for a while. Wakka wasn't trying anything fancy. Auron seemed to know the game, and Reno was picking it up well. She could still tell that Reno was just beginning though. She'd watched enough Blitz practices to know that. Even if the Aurochs aren't much good, they still act like they know what's going on. Reno slips up momentarily here and there. It's a good thing this isn't an official match with teams. Lulu wrapped her sarong around her a little more tightly. She was wearing the white sarong she bought, not the yellow one. Smiling to herself, Lulu thought about what had happened in the shop. It had been rather embarassing buying the items from the attendant afterwards, but it was very funny too. I wonder if we'll go to the shop again so we can see if the attendant notices if he's standing on the seat. Hehe...

The boys were starting their second practice when Rikku and Selphie arrived, food in hand. Lulu walked over to help them unpack and store the food away. She was poking around in the vehicle when she discovered tents. "Tents? Is that what these are?"

Rikku nodded and grinned. "Hey, it's a party, isn't it? I mean, after all this partying, we'll probably be tired, right?" Selphie nodded in unison and added, "It's not safe to drive when you're tired." Lulu couldn't help but grin as well. She knew that by the end of the day she wouldn't want to go back to the school either, and she hadn't thought of bringing Tents. "Nice idea." The Al Bhed said thanks and complimented her on the bathing suit. "But why are you wearing that white thing?"

"Erm... Because..." Lulu fumbled for words. She knew that if she said she was wearing it because she wasn't feeling too comfortable yet that Rikku would do something drastic. But if she waited any longer, she'd catch on too... "It's a little... um, windy out here?" Rikku raised an eye and Lulu sighed. She didn't know what to say.

"Oh, c'mon, Rikku. Why do you think people wear sarongs? It's because they look cool!" Selphie cheerfully started whistling one of her favorite songs, "Train, Train, Take Me Away" and unpacked some more items, ending the current conversation. Lulu pulled out a tent and decided that she would take a stab at setting it up.

She finished a half an hour later. Insta-Tents were the next best thing to having a house that magically appeared. The poles all snapped easily together, and there was a cute little zipper door. Another thing she loved about this brand of tents was that they all came with an air-mattress. The pump had to be bought separately, which Rikku and Selphie had also had stashed away. I wonder how much other random things that these girls have tucked away. Lulu stood back, examining her tent when Wakka sidled up to her, whistling.

"So, Lu, you put up the tent, ya?" She nodded. Wakka whistled a few more notes and said, "Hey, I gotta show ya something." Lulu started to ask him what, but Wakka put a finger to his lips and grabbed her hand, pulling her along, all the way down to the shore, where he waded in a few feet before there was a decent drop-off for swimming. "Why are we out here---WAKKA!" Before she had realized what was happening, Wakka had pulled her sarong off, tossed it towards the shore and lifted her up and threw her out into the water with a grin.

Lulu surfaced a few moments later, sputtering sea water. When she finally cleared her eyes, Wakka was on land with her sarong, waving it and laughing. Everyone else was laughing too. Wakka and Reno shared a conspiratorial glance. "That's not fair!" she shouted, mock-glaring. Wakka did this all the time to her at home. But now he was working with Reno... Hm...

They stopped laughing when a small tidal wave hurtled into them, narrowly missing Auron who had been laughing too - but now looked just as if he was glad he hadn't been standing too near them - and knocked the two off of their feet. Ha. Eat... uh... seawater! Fuu, I think the salt's gone to my brain.
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