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I think it's your influence || Wakka attn Lulu, Selphie - and slightly Reno and Auron

Wakka heard Selphie's call that the burgers were ready. He caught the blitzball as Reno hit it back and said, "I'm gonna get some food. Let's play later, ya?" He walked over and carefully laid the blitzball under the food table. Eyeing the burgers, he complimented Selphie. "They look pretty tasty." He picked one up that had cheese on it and slips it onto a bun. Then he smothered it in pickles, ketchup, mustard, and onions. Lulu walked up behind him and made a disgusted snorting sound. He snorted right back at her and said, "You just don't know what's good, ya. This is the best burger around. You're just jealous you can't make one as good as this."

"Ah, sure. Where's my sarong?" Wakka grinned and turned around. Lulu stood there, hands on her hips, and true to the point, sarong-less. "Somewhere. I don't know. It's your own fault that I don't have it ya know. You and your little seawater fits." Lulu glared and stuck her tongue out at him. "Besides, Lu, what gives? It's just a sarong. How else you going to get a tan?"

He turned back to the food. Selphie had just placed the corn cobs on a plate, and beside it she had placed a container of butter. Wakka slathered his corn cob in butter, all the while Lulu made childish noises behind him, like gagging and choking. A few of the others were looking at her funnily, as if they couldn't believe Lulu acted that way.

Wakka knew that Lulu couldn't be a serious person all the time though. He looked at her own food and did the same thing, then the both of them made faces at each other.

"Lu, you're so childish, you know?"

Lulu reached down into a cooler, wanting something to drink, and raised an eyebrow at what she pulled out - a bottle of water melon pucker. She shrugged and looked pointedly at Wakka, grinning. "I think it might be your influence, Wakka." The mage busied herself searching for something else to drink as well, asking Auron what sounded good. Wakka shook his head and sat down in the sand, cross-legged, plate balanced on one of his knees. I just can't win with her.
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