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beach pah-tay : yuffie attn beachiefreakies

Sugarpaste raced towards the beach, damn happy that she could finally get a nice run around, she wanted to run there as fast as she could. Sugarpaste had an awful fondness for beaches and shores, Wutai was afterall, home to the best beaches on the planet.Yuffie however, wasn't so thrilled.

It was kinda late already, and why was the poor ninja so behind time? It took her a while to realise that everyone was probably going to be in their swimming costumes, which meant. BIKINI GALORE.

Not good at all.

Yuffie had always been a tomboy, and true to her personality, lo and behold, she was happily given a boyish figure to add. No boobs, no bum, just bony limbs (though they were pretty damn toned and extremely long). She, had undoubtedly spent the whole afternoon deciding what to wear.

She did go to the swimsuit store to get herself a bikini, she wasn't about to let anyone steal her Reno (but you'd never hear her admit it). It was a pretty damn cool bikini too, a dark naby blue string bikini. There was a white moon emblazened on the right side of the top, and a couple of cherry blossom branches on top of it. The bottom was blue and tiestring that were secured by brown bamboo rings. [damm it. that bikini's at aztec rose and i almost bought it but then decided i didn't dare wear it so didn't get it. and my boyfriend kinda went NO BIKINI]

Well, what to wear settled, new problem arose. She didn't dare wear it, so now over her new bikini, she wore a black tank and denim hotshorts. And they'd have to kill her before she peeled them off.

As Sugarpaste reached the beach, she could see a small fire and a couple of tents as well as hear the laugter of some of her friends.

Selphie, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka and of course... Reno.

Racing towards them her heart relaxed a bit as Selphie ran up to her and said, "Glad you could come, want a burger?"

She got off Sugarpaste, who immediately bounded off to swim in the sea as she thanked Selphie and turned to see her boyfriend with a mischievous twinkle.

"Ready for a ... swim?" He asked.

Oh shit.
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