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A Swim / Reno Attn Amarant, Lulu, Wakka, Yuffie

OOC: Hey, y'all. I'm proposing we drag this out for another week, as it looks like we can definitely do more than what we have now. Heather, if this is cool, just let me know, and do the same if it's not. But, for now, plan on extending the weekend for another week. So the beach for a good few days more, and then a bit of Sunday, yes? Doesn't seem like the students are going to be up for, y'know, moving with their respective hangovers. xD


Reno had taken the invitation of burgers cooked over a decent fire for once as an "Eat as many as you can before getting bitched at to stop." About halfway into his sixth burger, this came about.

"Done yet?"

The rumbling voice basically turned him around automatically. Amarant was standing maybe a foot behind him, menacing as always, but looking a bit less wound up now that he'd been huddled in the bushes groaning for about an hour.

The image of the tall student bouncing a blitzball on his head and counting how many times he did so before it fell would not leave Reno anytime soon. But he had come down from the "Shock" stuff Lulu had mentioned and cooled off for a bit. Now he looked as well as he had been.

Reno stuffed a bit more burger into his mouth and spoke around it. Although his words were muffled, the point came across. "Vhath ith tho yoo?"

The second red-haired young man swiped the rest of the burger right out of Spiegel's hand and popped it in his own mouth. "What's it to me? You've had six and I've had none. Hardly fair."

It was a good thing no one was really watching them, because when Amarant shoved Reno in the shoulder, the latter fired back with a kick to the back of his leg immediately.

Whatever happened next, it was just a minor scuffle, but obviously enough for Reno to draw his mag-rod and Amarant slip on one of his fighting gloves, claws still with the training area attendant.

But what did happen, before Wakka -- from somewhere unseen -- jumped in the middle and threw them apart, was enough to put a gash across Amarant's face. He looked down at the splotch of blood in the sand, Wakka standing there looking very threatening, Reno laying on the ground, and snorted. "The hell you two doin', ya?"

The tall student glanced up, rather irritated. "Don't worry about it. I have work to do anyway." With a roll of his shoulder, he seemed to ignore the wound on his face as he turned and walked away, toward the town. He had every intention to catch the next shuttle back to school.

Wakka looked half-furious as soon as the biggest of them was out of earshot. "What're you thinkin', Reno? He's as big as a house and as tough as Sin, ya?"

Reno stood up, shrugging. He'd done his fair share of research on the subject, so he understood it. Faintly he heard the crackle of wood as the scheduled bonfire began. "He pushed me, he's stalking Lu, he's a goddamned junkie, and, frankly, that constitutes the beating of his life in my book."

The veteran blitzer scoffed at him, shook his head as if to say "You're a damned fool, Spiegel," and walked the other way. He was heard muttering, "You and Lu both," before he disappeared around a corner.

After his third drink of the night, pulled from his large pocket, Reno followed him to the fire, perfectly-timed in the rapidly-deminishing daylight. He couldn't help but notice Lulu switching between zoned-out and barely-staying-awake.

She'd had a few drinks, obviously, and she didn't have them too often.

Reno walked over and hunched down next to her. She waved at him as soberly as she could, and he smirked. "Whatcha' been drinkin', Lu?"

She thrust a finger toward the huddle of coolers about fifteen feet away. "Whatever flavor of pucker that comes out next," she said with a strange glee in her tone. She was obviously a lot more fun when loosened up a bit.

The redhead patted her on the shoulder, rounded the fire, and took a seat against the coolers, absently wondering where Yuffie was at this point. His mind wandered a bit his dream analysis.

Edwards had, on the sheet that detailed Reno's adventure to retrieve Mako for batteries and the following drug problem, written a lengthy paragraph that said, basically, "I can tell you've been through this, and would like to discuss it sometime if that's alright."

Reno decided he'd cooperate with his favorite teacher and go in on Tuesday to talk to him.

After about an hour and a good amount of drinks, Reno was a bit tipsy, but still heard the unmatchable sound of Sugarpaste galloping toward the beach. Selphie went to talk to Yuffie first, but the redhead was up in an instant, walking over deliberately slow.

He approached her and smirked. "Ready for a swim?" he asked, pausing before the last word.

Yuffie got that horrified look. "C'mon, Red, I just got here!" she whined. Whining was fitting, as he'd just hoisted her over his shoulder in a position she couldn't escape from. "Oh, come on, Reno! This is SO not cool!"

I disagree. He smirked wider, making a wide path around the fire so no one would notice and follow them expecting a good time. He had her by the back, and could feel the bikini under her tanktop.

It was a good thing the nights weren't exactly cold around here, or his girlfriend would have had many more names to call him when he tossed her in and waded out toward her. He floated around her in a circle as soon as she resurfaced, wondering what would happen if he was too intoxicated to stay afloat much longer.

"Well," he dragged out. "I can tell you went shopping now." He pointed, and she seemed to understand even without looking that the water had just put out the candle on her even possibly hiding her suit. "Not showing it off, then?"

He glanced down and then back up at her. Because it was dark, the side-effects of the Mako were easily seen in his glowing green eyes against the water.

Heh. I wonder if that makes me look good or bad.
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