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Ilikethegreenkiiiiiind || Lulu attn "Beachies"

The girls walked in a small group back to the fire. Lulu stumbled rather than walked, and every so often grabbed the nearest arm so she wouldn't fall face first into the sand. The mage managed to ferret out of Yuffie that she was wearing a bikini, as Reno had already ascertained for the group, and that it was mostly blue.

"You see... I'm not sure if the shade of yellow will go with it, but for now you can borrow one of the sarongs I bought. I would give you a white one, but... Wakka lost it. Wakkayoubastardhowcouldyoulosemywhitesarong,ya?" Yuffie raised an eyebrow at the mage and looked at Rikku behind Lulu's head, who just shook her head and said, "Wait." They helped Lulu sit down, back against a big piece of driftwood. Rikku and Selphie silently pointed out the various bottles of pucker on the ground. One of them whispered to the ninja, "Obviously she didn't drink it all by herself, but a good deal of it she did."

"That's the only thing I can suggest really. That way your clothes can dry and you won't catch pneumoniabecausepneumoniaissomethingnoonewantstocatchbecauseit's baaa-aaad." Lulu sighed and leaned against the driftwood, staring at the crackling fire. "It's in my tent. Um. Yeah." Selphie volunteered to show Yuffie which tent. Once they were out of earshot, the guys walked up to the fire and settled down in various spots.

Reno asked, "So, what's she going to do?" Lulu waved a hand floppily in the air. Hey, I can do a pretty good impression of a flapping wing. She continued doing that for a few minutes until Reno said, "Lulu?"

"Huh? What? Ohyoumeanwhat'sYuffiegonnado, ya?" Wakka raised an eyebrow at Lulu's manner of speaking, but didn't say anything because she continued talking. "Gonna wear sarong. Mmhm."

Lulu flicked her eyes around the fire and suggested, sitting straight up, "We should play hide and go seek! I haven't played that in forever!" Wakka patted her shoulder and said, "Lulu, we're on a beach. There's nowhere to hide. And... I know you're drunk, but why are you talking like your mother did, ya? And me? You got rid of the accent."

The mage ignored the second question. "Augh. We're always in the wrong place when I want to play." She wobbled from sitting up so fast, belatedly, but nontheless the movement had made her a little dizzy. "Uh..." Lulu tried getting up , which was entirely the wrong thing to do. She was on her feet but only for a few steps before falling. She landed nearly on top of Auron, whom she immediatly snuggled into and said, "oooOOooh. Soft. Auron, do you have any pucker? Ilikethegreenkiiiiiiind."

Wakka tried to hide a grin behind his hand. This was turning out to be quite the beach party. As for the accent, it just sounded odd on her. Probably because I haven't heard her with it for such a long time. Lulu had trained herself not to have the accent. He never knew why, but that's what she had done.

Yuffie came back, clad in a yellow sarong. "I... I... guess this is okay." She walked around the fire and plopped down into the sand next to Reno. "I'm not going swimming for now though so don't you even get any more ideas."
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