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Dare. / Reno Attn Beachies

OOC: Alright. I've been sick for the past few days, but I'm finally feeling decent, so... Sorry for not posting sooner. And who agrees we should just do the beach thing until we're all out of ideas?


Despite being of their age and status, everyone at the beach seemed to get really into Truth or Dare. Of course, Reno was being a wise-ass about it.

Everytime the bottle obviously landed on him, he would either kick out and knock it to pointing at someone else or say that it was for Yuffie, not him. As alcohol-loaded as he was, despite being only mildly tipsy, they kind of let it slide and went about the game.

So far, he hadn't picked up on much of what had been said, far too preoccupied with seeing where he could put his hands without getting slapped -- something Yuffie had given up long ago and started leaning on him as the night dragged on.

Reno had stolen Yuffie's turn to spin onc and gotten Wakka to attempt a particularly tricky blitzball shot that ended with everyone crowded around the Besadian asking if he needed medical assistance. He'd told them he'd probably be fine in an hour or so and to just carry him back over to the fire.

It was when Yuffie spun and it landed on "them" that the group finally got Reno to take some responsibility with this. "Fine, fine," he sighed, grabbing for his incorrectly-labeled "fruit punch" bottle a few times without looking. Yuffie reached over to the other side of him, picked it up, and handed it to him.

He swore he was always that forgetful.

After taking a drink, he seemed to be ready. "Alright. Truth." He hated anything that required work anyway, especially with the fact his ankle had been getting back at him for removing the boot lately.

Yuffie was sitting with her back against the knee he had propped up, and everyone could plainly see him, probably what lead to the comment. Rikku, seeming to notice finally, blurted out, "What's with your eyes? They, like, glow."

He didn't want to play anymore.

"Yuffie's supposed to ask," he said simply, as if that would fix it all. She smirked at him and shook her head, telling him that had been her question, too.

Peh. Figures, the one thing I don't tell her comes back to bite me in the ass in a game of Truth or Dare, of all places.

Reno paused. He didn't exactly feel like telling them he'd had a habit of putting hazardous chemicals into his body and this was the result. Of course, no one had told him that his eyes were going to blaze like flashlights all the time when he'd started playing with Mako.

"...Different question," he said as if it were just that easy. Well, it can't be too hard; it's Truth or Dare, and we're all civilized enough. Apparently it was, because everyone seemed to agree that they just had to know the story behind it.

The redhead decided to take action, looking at Yuffie, as if to say "You're gonna hate me for this, babe." Sure, he thought, he'd probably catch hell for it later, but he kissed her anyway, something he'd been considering since their first spar in Wutai.

He was rather fed up with the fact he was being expelled, he father was going to freak out, and they still hadn't clarified exactly where they stood, relationship-wise.

Really, this was how he thought of things:

I do something, someone hates it, I go nonchalant for awhile, and if they hate me, it's their choice.

Everyone just kind of stared at him for a moment, Yuffie particularly -- he thought that in a way that would lead someone to believe he considered it an odd thing -- and he decided to explain himself.

"Saved you the time of my switching to dare and you just telling me to shove my tongue down her throat," he said, holding up one finger, in a matter-of-fact tone. He nodded at her and replaced his arm around her shoulders, two fingers held out. "And two, I've answered the other question you would ask, and the one you asked her earlier."

He kicked the neck of the bottle and it spun around, skittering over and landing, luckily, on Lulu. Reno was obviously trying not to look so amused at the fact he knew Yuffie was looking at him, though he wasn't quite sure if she was thinking of bashing him or talking to him.

Leaning back, he asked Lulu if it would be truth or dare, and patted himself down. His eyes shifted to Yuffie. "Did you somehow manage to liberate my cigarettes?" He paused. "...Out of my back pocket?"

He had a feeling they'd be talking later, no matter how drunk he got by the end of the night.
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