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I am Queen of the Fiddler Crabs || Lulu attn Beachies

The mage hadn't been phased whatsoever by Reno's actions - kissing Yuffie and all. It seemed pretty normal to her at this moment, having drank quite a bit of the fruity flavored liqueur that she had definitely developed a taste for. Lulu just looked at the bottle, wavering slightly as she tried to think of which choice she wanted. Tried to coherently think, to be specific. If she chose truth, who knew what Reno would ask. He'd probably ask... Her thought process abruptly cut off right there and she said, "...Truth?"

The redhead continued to search for his cigarettes, as Yuffie hadn't answered him yet. "How about.... where are they... If you were alone on a desert island, with nothing but palm trees, and... sand... and..." He stopped searching momentarily and grinned, finishing the question, "fiddler crabs, what would you do?"

Everyone raised their eyebrows and looked at Lulu, who in turn looked back at them, a confused expression on her face. Lulu clambered over Auron and stood up, waving her hands about wildy. "I know!" She nearly toppled over, but righted herself before continuing. "I'd be... Queen of the Fiddler Crabs!" Wakka snorted and covered his face. Lulu was far more drunk than he'd expected. "And...I'd order them to build me a sand castle! Andandandand then I'd tell them to assemble the army and go and... um..." A long silence followed as she tried to figure out what she would have her loyal fiddler crab army do.

"Get some cigarettes?" Reno continued to pat down his coat, and Yuffie's bikini as well, to what reaction the rest of the campfire patrons weren't sure. Lulu nodded and said, "And pucker! I want more pucker. Where is it?" She wobbled and tripped over herself, falling backwards onto Auron. "Fuuu... Sorry. Do you have any pucker?" Wakka's eyes widened a slightly at the mention of wanting more pucker. Selphie began to say something, but he covered the brunette's mouth before she could say anything.

They were out of Pucker. He wasn't sure he wanted Lulu to know this.
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