Aaron Lee (munkeewrench) wrote in finalfantasy_hs,
Aaron Lee

Auron: Lulu's waaasted =P

I had no idea she would get this wasted... thought Auron as Lulu declared her sovereignty over fiddler crabs.

And now she wanted more to drink. "Don't you think you've had ... enough?" asked Auron after she fell on him again.
"...no, IcandowhatIwant ... does anyone have any?" Lulu persisted. At that everyone seemed to shrug and look at each other. It seemed they were out.
"Fine" Lulu said as she spun the bottle. It pointed right back at her, or Auron rather, whose lap she was in again. "Truthordarebebe?"

"Dare." Auron picked.
"I dare you ... *hiccup* ..." Lulu couldn't decide as her vision seemed to wander around.
"Dare him to say he loves you!" Selphie blurted out, then quickly covering her own mouth.
Auron gave a slight reaction of surprise but quickly regained composure. Lulu pondered this for a moment, but wasn't drunk enough to go through with it after all.
"He'll say thaaaaat when he's ready." she slurred. "I dare Auron, to put me on the sand and *hiccup* kiss me right now!" Lulu clumsily took off her sarong, the same sarong she earlier couldn't live without, as she said this and started easing down to the sand.
"Lu, everyone's watching!" Auron whispered as everyone stared in surprise at her suggestion.
"Itsadaremister, now get to it." Lulu demanded.
Auron quickly looked around at the others as his forehead started to sweat. The others didn't seem to mind her suggestion really, just quite interested. Lulu grabbed him and pulled him down, and they kissed. At the touch of her lips he forgot the others, except for a couple hoots and comments to be heard. This was no small peck, and the others were soon rolling their eyes at the excess.
"Get a room, ya?" Wakka said. Auron eased up and reached over to spin the bottle.
Rikku's turn.
"Truth or dare Rikku?" Auron asked.
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