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Rollin'... Rollin'... || Wakka attn Beachies

Rikku had chose Dare and been supplied with a very silly one, and what Wakka thought was a waste of a dare, since Rikku was very well-able to do it. She was Al Bhed after all. Auron had dared Rikku to build a small shack out of things found on the beach. If she couldn't do it, she had to polish every single sword he owned. It was an odd dare, as dares usually didn't have consequences, but Auron had probably wanted to spice up the game somewhat. Either way, Wakka could tell that while Rikku was grinning as she ran around collecting items to build her shack (which as of now encompassed several large pieces of driftwood and some tall beach grass) inwardly she was wondering why he would dare her to do something like that.

Well... Al Bhed usually deal with machinery, ya? Hm... The group lounged around, watching Rikku collect items. Her dare would probably be a long time in completion, but they had the whole night after all. Wakka tossed a Blitzball back and forth between his hands, looking at the faces around the fire. Everyone was relaxed, far more than they had been at school. The best example was probably Lulu, half (if not completely, and most likely completely) smashed. He chewed on his bottom lip and watched Lulu hang onto Auron mumble at him. They both laughed quietly and Wakka wondered what they were talking about. Something poked at him from the back of his mind, but Wakka ignored it. He wasn't going to start being protective right now. Lulu would hate him forever for it.

He continued to watch them and think. Reno prodded him in the side, asking him if he had any smokes. "Nah, too expensive. Bad habit, ya?" Yuffie nodded and stuck out her tongue at Reno, who rolled his eyes and said that he'd heard similar opinions and that they mattered just as much. Wakka snorted and said, "But no, don't have any."

"Pity," said Reno. He resumed searching Yuffie, who slapped his hands away everytime, but anyone who listened enough could hear her laughing. Selphie was listening and giggled. She stood and walked around the circle, dropping down onto the ground next to Wakka, stretching out. "It looks like me, you, and Rikku are the odd ones out." She sighed, looking at the fire.

The Islander pondered this for a moment. He hadn't even been thinking of that, had he? He looked over at Auron and Lulu again and then back to Selphie. "Yeah, I suppose we are, aren't we? And we're not drunk either." He chuckled a little at the last bit. Selphie did as well and said, "Maybe that's a good thing."


Fuu, if it's not good, just bite meeeeeh. Or not. Really, please don't. XP I just wanted to post and get this baby rolling again.
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