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yufs attn reno : explain.

Yuffie giggled as Reno tried valiantly to rescue his cigarettes, which Yuffie had actually given to Sugarpaste, who buried it under the sand. She was kinda amused by the whole situation but that was just her way of hiding her fear.

What the hell was Reno tripping on?

Auron had dared Rikku to build a shack and Yuffie saw no purpose in this as they had perfectly made tents as Selphie illustrated and she'd prefer sleeping in the open... but it gave her some time to think.

"Give them back already!" Reno said, annoyed, but Yuffie replied by getting off Reno's lap and walking towards a more deserted stretch of beach.

"Explain." She said, spinning around.

"Explain what? Give me my cigs already." Reno asked, keeping his wise-arse act up, but realised he should stop. Yuffie seemed seriously pissed off.

"Eyes aren't supposed to glow like that. The only thing that glows that greenish tinge is materia, or mako. And don't tell me it's not, I spend my whole life with that stuff. Either you tell me what the hell it it you've been tripping on, or i'll get Staniv to go examine those cigs for me."

Reno remained silent and sat down on the sand.

"Look. I know you're being expelled on monday, and that is one thing, but if you've been pumping yourself with radioactive substances..." At this moment, Yuffie choked.

"Fuck you, Red." Yuffie said, barely audibly, as she ran off towards the sea.


sad/angry/ahhmyboyfriendisgoingawayandi'llneverseehimagain/myboyfriendsbeenshootingmakoinhimself/godwhyislifesofucked - mood.

yes. poor girl.


sigh okay just trippy coz i have class. feh. gonna get drink and go for last class of the day then home to cleaning up my room. lovexs
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