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Seclusion / Reno Attn Yuffie

Shit, I botched that one big-time.

Reno had been hoping Yuffie would realize he was a damned good actor and know he wasn't serious about being pissed about the whole cigarette mess, but it didn't appear he'd let his true intentions show through. He'd never been good at that sort of thing, anyway.

Having sobered up considerably in the past ten or so minutes since being asked why his eyes did what they did, he had most of his bearings when Yuffie began heading for the water.

Reno, upping his pace, caught Yuffie by the arm and pushed himself in front of her, cutting off her path. He noticed she refused to look at him. "Look," he said calmly, "I haven't touched Mako in nearly two years, and those cigarettes would be as clean as the ones you can buy in every store in Wall Market if you had 'em checked out."

She didn't look persuaded. "And why would I ever not believe you?" she asked, sarcasm more than evident. Arms folded over her chest, she didn't look to happy, either.

He gave no immediate response, and she began heading toward the water again, either to swim away or to drown herself.

Reno hated what he said next, low enough to be a mutter but loud enough for her to hear him.

"Because your dad doesn't."

As expected, she immediately stopped moving, halfway into the water, and turned around. Reno was staring down at the sand, hoping he wouldn't have to see her reaction to that, but he was almost sure he felt her disbelief wriggle into his soul.


He turned around, feeling the hair on the back of his neck raise, and let go of himself. "Yeah, you heard me. Your dad's obviously got some major fucking problem with me, and he's got you under his thumb so far that you're starting to believe it, too. You sure as hell had no problem sitting on my lap after I threw you in the water, kissed you, rubbed you down for my smokes, but the minute you get one goddamn assumption as to what I'm "tripping on," everything turns around. He's got you convinced I'm a bad person, do --"

"And I'm starting to agree!" she shouted, cutting him off.

That was the end of it. Anyone else he would have hit for that, but instead he just turned back around and started walking back toward school, telling her over his shoulder, "Yeah, but the bad guy never falls in love. Have your oh-so-genius pops explain that one, wouldja?"
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