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Selphie and Rikku ATTN beach people

Rikku is running around madly on the beach. ‘What a silly dare’ She thinks to herself. ‘This will be so easy for me’ She grins as she picks up one end of a large piece of driftwood and drags it over to wear she is attempting to build a shack. So far, she has gathered various pieces of plastic, wood and seaweed. She’s also found a few class bottles and some random tins. Dropping herself into the cool sand, she begins by digging four semi deep holes in the sand. In here, she will place the four biggest bits of driftwood. ‘Well, at least it’s a start’ She thinks to herself. She glances across at everyone else. Lulu and Auron are whispering quietly to each other. Selphie has moved and is sitting next to Wakka. She looks dwarfed by his tall frame, Rikku realises with a giggle. Yuffie and Reno look like they were up to their usual – arguing. Rikku wonders how their relationship lasts so well seeing as they always seem to be fighting.

Rikku finds herself wishing that she had drunk a bit more now. She struggles with herself as she pulls the largest piece of wood, and upends it, so that it is now sticking out of the hole. She does the same with the other piece, after huffing for a for minutes. Maybe this is gonna be harder than she thought.

With the smaller pieces of driftwood, she turns them so that they are upright and begins to knot them together, using the beach grass. This will take some time. She sits down, concentrating on her hard work. It will be a masterpiece by the time she has finished!


Selphie digs her toes into the sand. Looking at Wakka she grins a little. She’s glad she hasn’t drank anything. The last… and only time she had some alcohol she….well, it’s too embarrassing to recount. She finds herself blushing at the mere thought, and is glad that it’s dark now, and the firelight is hiding her scarlet cheeks.

“In a way, I’m glad I’m not in a relationship” She says to Wakka. “I mean... look at those guys” She motions to Reno and Yuffie, who have obviously just had an argument. Yuffie is stood glaring at Reno, who is walking back towards the school, not looking at her. “It can’t be that much fun if you argue all the time, can it?” She asks him, her large innocent eyes shining as the moonlight catches them. Wakka doesn’t really know what to say about this. “But.. the good times… they make up for the rest, ya?” He replies, a slight smile playing on his lips. “I…err….” Wakka clicks on and lets out a guffaw. “You’ve never had a boyfriend have you” He laughs. Selphie cringes and jumps up. “I umm… I think I’ll go see if Rikku wants any help” With that, she runs off, leaving Wakka on his own by the fire. ‘Ohh that was so embarrassing’ She moans to herself. ‘Why did I have to say anything’

On approaching Rikku, she has recomposed herself, her smile back on her face. She has decided to ignore what just happened. “I came to give you a hand” She says. “Great. Here hold this” Rikku hands her some driftwood. “I was struggling on my own” And with her tongue poking out of her mouth, Rikku continues to tied the pieces together
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