~Raine Loire~ (ex_raine_loi564) wrote in finalfantasy_hs,
~Raine Loire~

Raine ~ Intro, Sunday Morning

(OOC:: I know it's Saurday night still, but I'm posting this as Sunday morning, because i have to work tomorrow and i dont know if i will have time to post..sorry ^^;;)

Raine hoisted her backpack over her shoulder and waited in front of the school.She felt slightly un comfortable, seeing that she didn't know anyone yet. Students ran back and forth, none really noticing her standing there. She flipped her hair back and sighed, wondering if she was going to be sharing a dorm, or inhabiting one of her own 'hopefully all my questions will be answered in my meeting with the headmaster.' she thought, waiting for the representive, or whoever to come and get her. "I wonder if anyone will even see me, seeing that it is Sunday," she thought aloud, still watching the students around her.
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