selphiesweetie (selphiesweetie) wrote in finalfantasy_hs,

Selphie ATTN Auron, Lulu, Wakka, Reno, Rikku

“Food time!” Selphie shouts suddenly. Lulu is still in the water from where Reno and Wakka threw her in. And she giggles when a massive wave comes and sweeps the pair of them off their feet. “Serves you right!” Selphie calls out. She sets about making a fire, but has no fire magic to start it off. She calls Lulu over, and asks her for a hand. Lulu casts Fire, as the high level spells would be too much. Rikku glances over at her, then runs off into the water, her yellow bikini showing off all her curves.

‘What shall I cook first?’ Selphie thinks to herself, staring at the fire. She decides to cook some burgers first. She casts float on a griddle type thing, and places the burgers on top. As they are cooking she gets some corn on the cobs, and wraps them in silver foil. She places these in the flames at the edge of the fire. Wakka and Reno have regained their footing, and have proceeded in throwing the blitzball around some more. Lulu and Auron are talking privately together and Rikku is swimming. Selphie decides to sing to herself.

Humming a little tune, she flips over the burgers, and adds some sausages to the griddle also. She takes some buns and cuts them open, leaving slices of cheese next to them on the small wooden fold up table her and Rikku managed to bring with them. She feels a little left out, so she heads over to the music player and puts on a CD, turning it up loud. “Let’s dance” She grins to everyone.

She dances a little, swinging her hips slightly and waving her arms around weirdly, but at a glance at the food, she can see the burgers smouldering slightly ‘Damnit’ She thinks to herself, hurrying over to them. However, they aren’t burnt too much. “Burgers are ready” She states, as she takes them off and places them on a plate next to the rolls. She then slaps on some chicken wings on the griddle, and turns the sausages. She pokes at the corn on the cobs with a stick, turning them the best she can. She decides to do the same with the potatoes. Soon they are wrapped and sizzling healthily in the flames. Rikku come over to her, dripping with water, and asks if she needs a hand. “Sure, you can make the salad if you want” She smiles greatfully at her friend. ‘The party seems to be a hit’ She thinks
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