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yuffie attn beachies

"Well," he dragged out. "I can tell you went shopping now." He pointed, and she seemed to understand even without looking that the water had just put out the candle on her even possibly hiding her suit. "Not showing it off, then?"

Yuffie glared at her 'boyfriend', soaked to the bone, she was pretty well... miffed.
"NO WAY I am showing it to you. And... what's with your eyes? They're freaky. Pretty but freaky."

Reno could obviously tell she was trying to change the topic. "Heh... stop evading, come on... we already established that you went shopping."

"The other's are heading this way, no way i'm showing anybody anything!" Yuffie exclaimed.

Reno turned around, true enough Lulu, Wakka, Selphie, Rikku and Auron were heading their way. Yuffie saw that Lulu was wearing a black bikini, and well, unlike her's it was pretty damn well filled out.

"Reno. She's soaked!" Rikku said

"Yah, you could have kept her clothes dry ya?" Wakka replied, as he looked at Lulu and chuckled.

"Gawd. You guys are impossible." Yuffie said, wading out of the water, Sugarpaste had seen the commotion and was now splashing around the coast getting the others a bit wet too.

Just then a breeze blew by, "Gah. Cold." Yuffie said and shivered.

"It's just because you're so wet." Auron stated.

"Yuffie, shed the clothes and sit by the fire, you'll get warm in no time!" Selphie said, as she did a little jig.

"Err... I rather not." Yuffie stammered.

"You are wearing a bathing suit right?" Rikku asked.

"Bikini." Reno added in, enjoying every moment of his girlfriend's embarassment.

"Hmmm..." Lulu said as the three girls shared the 'i have an idea' look. "Yuffie, come here a second won't you?"

oh shit.


gahaghahaha. longer beach partay! :D i vote yes
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