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-sigh- yay yay yay beachies

Reno looked briefly at Yuffie who plopped next to him. She had her sarong, tied under her arms, like what girls do with towels after a bath. "its supposed to go around your waist." Reno stated.

"Too bad." Yuffie replied,sticking out her tongue at him.

"yuffiesarongnotwornthere." Lulu ranted, looking up from Auron's lap.

"She had too much to drink." Wakka told her.

"Well...what should we do?" Rikku asked.

"I know! Since we don't really know each other, let's play... TRUTH OR DARE!" Selphie said.

Since everyone had nothing to do, they agreed. Selphie cleared the area in front of her and spun a bottle. "Whoever it lands on has to pick a truth or a dare!" Selphie said in delight.

spinnity spinnity spin...


"Yuffie! Truth or dare!" Rikku asked.

"Wha... why me??? It's pointing at Reno!"

"Nope. It's at you definately." Auron said.

"Come on ya, it'd be fun." Wakka encouranged.

"Okay. FINE. Truth." Yuffie stated, looking over at the sea where sugarpaste was still splashing.

"So. Yuffie. Do you like Reno." Rikku asked.

"GAH!" Yuffie spluttered.

"Yeah Yuffie, do you like Reno?" The redhead next to her said with a wry grin.

"NO.. I mean... I choose dare!"

"Hey you can't do that!" Selphie stated.

"Nah it's fine... Yuffie, I dare you then, to take off that sarong and go sit on the lap of the person you like." Reno said, grinning.

"What the.... What kind of..." Yuffie stated, she could see no way out of this one.

"Go on Yuffie, I double dare you." Selphie added.

"Okay okay! I'll do it!"

Damn that Reno...I am going to smack his head in. "If you guys say anything, I am going to turn you into statues." Yuffie threatened as she undid the sarong. Annoyed she stood up and dropped down on Reno's lap grumpily.

"SO you do like Reno." Rikku said with a smile.

"Yuffielovesrenoandrenolovesyuffieandilovepucker" Lulu started again in a singsong voice.

"Bah enough already, next person! And Red you better not be enjoying this!" Yuffie stated.

"I wouldn't dare..." he lied.


ooc. k i know what a game to play. sorry read too many fanfics lately. :D
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